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George Brown
Candidate for PA House District 42
General Election 4 November 2014

George Brown

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Are you:

-Angry about career politicians who behave as though they are above the law?

-Frightened that federal bureaucrats will be dictating and rationing your health care in Pennsylvania?

-Concerned about exploding government spending and ruinous debt?

-Tired of Harrisburg giving favors to the politically connected?

-Worried about the continuing erosion of privacy, economic freedom, private property rights and social liberties?

-Upset by politicians (both D and R) who say whatever they think will get them elected, and then do whatever they want once in office?

You can do something about these serious problems. Join the Libertarian movement today and help us build the vibrant, voluntary society of individual freedom and responsibility that our founding fathers intended. You can start on November 4, 2014 by voting to break the mold and electing the first Libertarian as your representative in Harrisburg.

The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party, founded in 1971. Our vision is for a world in which all individuals can freely exercise the natural right of sole dominion over their own lives, liberty and property by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office, and moving public policy in a libertarian direction.

Think you're a Democrat of Republican? Why not take the "Am I a Libertarian Quiz" by clicking here.

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